Polish women are not like others in the world, you’ve probably noticed that. Where western women would behave logically when they’re into you and Asian women would look at you with shy smiles on the face, Polish women break the bank of straight logic. Their culture requires deciphering from you as a foreigner. But what makes a better pleasure than to be a detective of her mind, Poirot of her dreams. We know that when you meet a Polish lady, you’ll be destroyed with her glamorous look and mysterious eyes. Take into account the pro-tips to know whether a Polish girl is crazy about you, it’s as easy as a piece of cake.

Waiting for a Communication Signal from You

If a Polish girl is attracted to you, she’ll be checking over her phone one time after another. You can send a basic smile to her, she'll respond 100 percently. Typical polish girl likes when men who pay attention to her needs in communication. If she has a sympathy towards you - nothing will stop her from finding a reason to chat or talk to you. Next time you have doubts about her signs of attraction, send her few emojis or “Hey, how are you?” If she responds in an hour or so - that’s a way to go, you’re really close to get her heart on the plate.

Non-Verbal Signs of Attraction Tell More than You Think

This kind of communication is developed in the Polish culture. Any girl from Poland will make the same body gestures, facial expressions, and prolonged eye contact. From this perspective, you can distinguish at least 3 non-verbal signs a Polish girl will express to show her personal attraction to you as a man. Among them, you’ll notice:

- She answers with a smile when you look at her and your sights meet. 5 or more seconds is enough for a Polish girl to give a pleasant smile to you if she has given some place for you in her polish heart

- She grooms her hair constantly rubbing it with her sexy fingers. Yeah, this behavior lacks logic but it’s the way ancient people behaved when preparing for mating ritual. Polish society is traditional and conservative, so these habits have deeply rooted in their culture.

- Look at her lips, see what she’s doing? Polish girls lick their lips from time to time or bite the lower lip with the upper teeth when they flirt. You notice her doing that all the time - go for her as soon as you can. This is the sign of deeper, sexual attraction. Your personality has driven her nuts, and woman have a developed subconscious behavior that gets them caught on having deep feelings to anyone.

She Wants You to be Only Hers

Polish girls are very jealous and they’ll keep their crush only for themselves. You want to be that man, don’t you. Test out if she thinks only about you by chatting or talking to another woman. Let her notice that you are a womanizer that has attention of women around. See how active she has become? She writes you every 20 minutes or so? She likes every new photo on your Instagram profile? Well, my friend, that’s an immense success. You got her, from fingertips to her lips. She’s ready to be your attention magnet; she’ll never allow anyone to step closer into your intimate social circles. She’ll have you in one way or another, so get ready for the wave of hot passion.

Keep Following the Greenglights

Polish girls can get extremely flirty when they adore someone. If the lucky one is you, catch multiple greenlight signals she sends to you. She won’t do that very long in case you ignore her, remember that. One or two glances over you, a sexy smile, and maybe an open body posture for the communication to begin. All those gestures are part of the same strategy to attract and hold you. Losing an opportunity like that is silly, follow her lead because she guides you on a subconscious level. You will feel great when you end up in the bed next morning with a sexy Polish girl beside, we wish you end up in the glorious finale like that.