Both men and women who seek long-awaited relationships often complain how sick and tired of unlucky matches they are. And this is only the tip of an iceberg - such psychological tension is often intensified by numerous scammers which are widely spread today. Unfortunately, not all dating site creators and owners put emphasis on the need to enhance user experience and make it safe. That’s why more people keep abandoning the idea of meeting a person of their dreams online, which is a critical problem. If you’ve ever used one of such fraudulent platforms, you potentially share the negative experience with hundreds of other users. Luckily, there are decent alternatives that will not disappoint you. In this review, we disclose information about one of the top-rated Polish dating platforms which has been already tested by thousands of love seekers.

Valentime is a popular online dating service that unites lonely hearts all over the world by accurately detecting their common spheres of interest and similarities in characters. Thanks to a smart matchmaking algorithm and a number of useful features, many users have an opportunity not only to communicate via chatting but also via video messages. Plus, the exchange of presents is also available. Intrigued? Here’s how to get started:

Before using all the features of this dating spot, you should first answer a couple of introductory questions, such as “Are you over 18 years?”, “Are you looking for meaningful communication?” and “Are you comfortable with getting chat requests from singles on our site?”. This mini questionnaire is designed with the intention to assess your readiness of finding your perfect match online.


Once all your answers are affirmative (marked with green circle), the platform recommends you to fill in your profile with more details to make it stand out among others. This block consists of 5 informational sections that you need to complete before getting access to the profile. At this stage, the process is pretty much simple and transparent - everyone who wants to date online can fill in the information required by the site, even not so tech-savvy individuals.

You only need to indicate your sex, name, birthday, email, and come up with a hard-to-crack password for guaranteed safety. Please note that the option of signing up through Facebook or other social media accounts is not in the list of available features.

Once you managed to complete the registration steps, you can make adjustments to your profile (add photos, hobbies, interests, etc) to make sure your page is as informative as possible.

With regard to safety, it is pretty understandable that high-quality dating services never neglect informational protection of its users. This Polish dating site belongs to one of these, guaranteeing that each and every one of its members won’t ever be exposed to scams and fake profiles. More so, it requires ID validation everytime a new user decides to register. For all safety measures to work effectively, you need to scan or take a photo of a government-issued document with your photograph as well as first and last name.

For USA citizens, the procedure is a bit different. If you reside in America, you need to download the U.S. client information form, fill in the form by hand or typing and sign it, and scan or photograph the completed form. Finally, upload your files. Note that this will be your photo ID if you’re not from America. Overall, the completion of ID verification takes several minutes, so it’s better to opt for this option if you want to further request contact information or set up dates with other members. And don’t worry: the information you provide to the site will be kept private. Furthermore, the site has a reliable 128-bit SSL encryption technology, and this greatly helps to safeguard your financial information.

Another factor that greatly influences the credibility of this or that dating platform is customer care. Support teams should be an integral part of any reliable service, and the Polish dating site we review today has this feature. The customer care staff of Valentime is always ready to give you answers to all the questions you might possibly have. Every aspect of registration or profile creation will be covered effectively by support in case you need help. To get access to the customer care services, just log in into your account and connect to support members - you’ll receive feedback in a couple of minutes.

ID Confirmation

Now, let’s move on to pricing policies. This Polish dating service is basically the best virtual platform designed to make singles meet and find their love. However, not all users have such a noble intention and try to simply entertain themselves by gaining trust of serious love seekers. To filter these categories, the site owner decided to implement a system of credits (most real dating sites include such a feature). You need to purchase credits before connecting and contacting a person of interest. While registration as well as browsing and viewing profiles options are completely free of charge. As for the quantity of credits you can buy, they are infinite. For the standard credit package, you’ll need to pay $19.99. The features the credits grant you access to include:

- 2 credits per minute of chatting

- 10 credits for the first letter

- 25 credits for viewing a video in the lady’s profile

- 625 credits for requesting a meeting

You can buy credits from different options offered by the site. The prices displayed there are fairly reasonable, making it possible for regular people to sign up and enjoy an excellent dating experience wherever they are. By the way, you can apply an automatic billing process so that the system can take charges without your effort, or you can pay manually for the credits. In some cases, financial operations can work not as effectively and flawlessly. If such an issue takes place though, you can always ask for a refund. Most frequently, money back applies to users who paid for a real date with a member of interest and he/she refused to meet.


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All the profiles on Polish dating are 100% authentic and real due to the multilevel verification option we’ve discussed above. The search quality of one of the best dating sites will also leave you positively impressed: the speed of the matchmaking process it offers wins over other dating platforms easily. Namely, the Polish dating site works by the principle of filter application: you select parameters of character and appearance you want to see in a potential date, while the system does all the hard work for you and displays a persona that is most likely to correspond to your preferences. And even if you are not completely content with this approach, you can always select an advanced search option to narrow a list. Either way, you can rest assured that you will definitely come across someone special on your way.

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