Angela Brylska Founder and CEO of Polish-Hearts

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Polish-hearts is the highly-appraised dating provider that has helped thousands of happy American men find what they’ve been looking for so long. If you’re the man who wants to pour some woman company into your life, you’ve probably encountered low-tier dating sites that offer profile pages of dubious quality. You can relax now, you’ve found the service that answers your call. It’s time to find a Polish girl who’ll be into you from the first look over your profile page. We host Polish women from all corners of the world, from Poland to Sydney, who’re waiting to meet American or Canadian men. Be the one right now, the line gets longer every hour.

Angela Brylska, 36 years, Founder and CEO of Polish-Hearts

Angela Brylska is the certified specialist in the field of clinical psychology and interpersonal relationships. She has 15+ years of expertise in running marriage and arrangement managerial teams. In 2017, Angela, the Polish-American descent, decided to establish the venture she dreamed about for the years prior. Her core idea was to create the dating agency that will be ethnically specific and allowing people from other nations to join in. This is how Polish-Hearts was born, the unique company that helps thousands of Polish singles across the world to find dating partners, friends, or maybe even future spouses. Angela invests all her free time to grow, develop, and strategize Polish Hearts because it has been showing promising growth in 2020. Bright times for Polish natives and descents have come since Polish-Hearts has made dating a piece of cake for them exclusively.
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