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What Is Polish Hearts Today

Polish Hearts is an international dating service that helps people of Polish origin to find their perfect match without any boundaries. The service works under security standards like in other bride/dating agencies. We guarantees full data security and anonymity. The website has added integration with Facebook to make a log-in session easy and secured. Thousands of people have found the match with the help of this service, what about you?

Many datings do not bet on a certain audience, they just want everyone to use their services. This is not the story with PolishHearts, they target visitors on their site that match original brand idea. Originally, the idea behind dating is to create the best place to meet fellow Polish counterparts. This idea can be interpreted in different ways. Polish people come here to meet individuals of the same nationality. People of other nationalities come here to meet the Polish for personal chatting and intimate communication. It’s just as simple as that, and this dating is flexible in connecting lonely hearts of the world.

Who Are the Members of Polish Hearts

At this polish dating, visitors can find the range of services that are free or premium. Service wants to monetize different actions on the site to help people find exact crushes they’re looking for. Those options are mostly for saving time to get your crush know that you’re into her or him. Most dating services from the USA use such model, it’s just the reality of digital dating today. See what actions you can do on Polish Hearts:

- Free - Bookmark other profiles, send emojis and stickers, do profile search, and see people who visited your page.

- Premium - See people who bookmarked you, get your VIP list, send private messages, and add extra photos to your profile page to get any girl or guy impressed.

All of the above features of this dating are divided into 3 categories. Polish Hearts has such user models as Premium, VIP, and Premium + VIP. Prices start from $20 and reach around $100. It’s up to every user to decide if they’re OK with extras or want to stick to the basic functionality. In any case, the dating is a nice spot to start exploring the services like that.

People who visit site have different age, gender, and geographic location. While more than half of users are males of middle age, you’ll find fewer women on this dating. Girls are attracted to such datings, but natural interest mostly comes from men. You should not get disappointed with such stats, a soulmate will bounce into your profile sooner or later. It happens in the same way across all datings.

After registering at PolishHearts, you’ll get a personal profile. You’ll have plenty of fantasy with the fields about your personality waiting to be filled. What you’re getting is more than a generic profile. You enter the online community of thousands of people seeking for Polish acquaintances. For the record, the USA constitutes around 250,000 members in total. Most of these members are active and currently seeking for a mate, no time to lose your chances, try the service out to see how those users are doing.

Most users are in their 30s and 40s, so the dating service is suitable for middle-aged visitors. You can be sure that all users are real. Every new profile undergoes multi-step verification to remove any possible bots and fake accounts. Brand owners definitely invest in user convenience and security a lot.

Where to Look for New People at Polish Hearts

You can start your search in several parts of the service. First of all, the calculator is placed on the main page of the website. You can set up age and sex preferences to display profiles with photos or without. More than that, you could choose the advanced search to get people of a precise birthdate. It will help you to get the matches you’ve been looking for so long. Every girl or guy could also use the site to see new users to Polish Hearts. This section is below the calculator. Don’t forget to find out top favorites below new users, as easy as that.

Polish Hearts Negative Thoughts

The site is not flexible to different nations. The main page is initially displayed in Polish, though there is a button for the English version. Most visitors are either from Poland or have Polish origin, it may be a cultural and language barrier for visitors from distant countries. However, this polish dating does not say that people different from Polish origin are not welcome to join the service. In fact, the users from the USA create a major part of all audience.


If you have ever wanted to find a dating service that will focus on people of specific ethnicity and origin, feel free to try out Polish Hearts. It has moderate prices and few monetization models, not forcing you to pay from the first day. Basic features should be enough to know if you’re interested to use the service in the future.

Love Stories Polish Hearts

love stories on polish hearts site Nathan and Sophia

This couple happened in 2018 when Nathan came to our service asking for a decent Polish lady to fight his loneliness. The man immigrated from Poland in 1992, and since then, he hasn’t managed to find a women who would understand him. Hopefully, he found Polish-Hearts that joins Polish singles across America and Europe. Sophia lived in Warsaw when Nathan wrote his first message to her. They agreed on the date in New York a month later. Real-life story that proves the connecting power of Polish-Hearts.

Matthew and Irena

Irena was a lonely woman from Chicago who dreamed about meeting a counterpart from Poland to date. Hopefully for her, Matthew, the son of a Polish immigrant, registered in the service at the same time. He wanted to feel the same romantic feelings his father had to own wife. Matthew and Irena married in September. They’re deeply in love with each other and send a letter each with best wishes to site.

Peter and Bozhena

Peter was a lonely businessman from Kentucky. He wanted one thing, most men want the same, honestly. A date with a decent, well-looking girl was all he needed. After registering at Polish Hearts, he started looking for her, the woman who had to change his life. This is when Bozhena liked several of his photos that made him write to her. Both of them went on the first, second, and fifth date. The passion was burning inside of them. In 2019, they date for more than two years and don’t want to let go of each other. They’re a happy couple, Polish-Hearts makes the stories like that a reality.

Polish Hearts women